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Hoh Rainforest

Nov 2019
Olympic National Park, WA

Day 4 of 10 - 2019 Pacific Northwest Road Trip - Forks to Long Beach

Due to time constraints, we only had time for the shortest of the trails, the Hall of Mosses. Admittedly, my excitement was a tad dimmed in the awareness that we didn't have a lot of time here; I was already reluctant and sad knowing it would all pass too quickly. I could have stayed all day, all week, or more, with all to see and photograph.

It was an early winter morning––a brisk 30 degrees. There were a few other hikers, otherwise we had the place to ourselves. I was amazed with the range of green here. Between the trees, the ferns, the moss, and all other manner of vines and undergrowth, one beholds an array of shades. With the speckle of orange from the onset of autumn and the golden, misty morning light, you get such a lovely range of color.

Hoh Rainforest


Hoh Rainforest
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