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Road to Hoh

Nov 2019
Olympic National Park, WA

Day 4 of 10 - 2019 Pacific Northwest Road Trip - Forks to Long Beach

When we woke, a peak out the window revealed a land of autumn frost––the ground dusted in ice, the trees and buildings partly cloaked in a thin fog. I felt quite taken by the scene, both in its beauty and unfamiliarity. Despite my wonder, I couldn't help but think how normal this was for the Forks locals.

After getting ready and packing up, we found the nearest espresso shack that also sold breakfast, grabbed some hot food and drinks to go, and set out to the Hoh Rainforest. Of all the places on our route, this one had been on my list of things to see the longest. The drive there was like a dream––misty sun rays broke through the trees to illuminate patches of the ground where steam rose from the melting frost. These swirling displays of heat brought movement and life to the quiet stillness of the chilly, early morning. There was little other activity aside from our moving car––no wildlife sightings, no people, few cars. The morning was chilly and still, aside from the swirling atmosphere, almost as if time came to a standstill.