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Hello there, I'm Megan
Megan DiVita and her husband

nice to meet you

I grew up in California and lived there up until 2021, when I got married and headed Texas. The range in my images is a result of those spaces and lifestyles, with a few travels tossed in. There's something to see and capture everywhere.

I love being out in our country's rural and wild places (camera in tow or not). Photography has always enhanced what I already find in nature –– gratitude and peace. Taking a camera along for a stroll encourages wonder and appreciation. It requires looking with more intent than you might normally, really searching out the interesting and lovely things we're able to witness on this Earth. We're not creating anything that wasn't already there, just taking the time and effort to see it, capture it, and convey it to others. A camera is a gift in being able to share what we see.

where it all started

Growing up in the high deserts of California, surrounded by Joshua trees, sagebrush, windy days and blue skies. Summer days were spent trading the desert heat for the cloudy coast or for high mountain valleys. As I grew a little older, I wanted to capture the pretty things I saw. I began wielding a disposable Kodak camera.

On one winter trip to the mountains, we had hiked along a trail in the snow and came across a pristine set of deer tracks winding gently through the trees. I excitedly snapped a picture... and then came the long wait to get it developed.

During that time, I eagerly re-imagining the scene over and over in my head, anxious to see how beautiful it would look in a photo. When I finally got the picture back I was rather disappointed. It looked... ugly... far from the winter wonderland of my memory. A scene of spindly bare trees, dark twigs against a blown-out sky. The colors were off (Aspens weren't supposed to be greenish) and the details blurry and grainy. I felt it all a waste of a beautiful opportunity. From my disappointment and frustration I began looking towards getting a "real" camera, wanting to make sure beautiful scenes like the one I witnessed could be more beautifully remembered and shared.

Eventually I got a "real" camera

After years of running around and photographing the desert I grew up in, I started taking my photos to local craft fairs and pop ups. A local cafe featured a collection of photos from my wanderings titled "Desert Wonderland" of which the following was written:

"Cripe is a photographer drawn to the iconic imagery of the desert but she finds a way to capture a certain feeling – that personal feeling you get when you take a few steps into the open spaces of the desert and a sense of the quiet drama of the Mojave seems like it’s yours for the moment.

The California Poppies are there, in the moment, for you. The Joshua Trees, silhouetted against the morning sun are part of your own story. There is a purpose to it all that stands just behind the words in your head. When you look at Cripe photos, you feel that the purpose is coming into focus."

- Sagebrush Cafe
A desert landscape during a rain storm with ravens flying in the sky


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