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Hey there, I'm Megan and I like to take photos. Terribly obvious, I know. Truly though, photography is an exercise in looking with intent; really seeing and noticing your surroundings. It's also a practice in joy and gratitude, looking for all the beautiful or interesting things around you. Piecing together scenes and compositions is a satisfying creative challenge––like a puzzle, finding out where and how everything fits best. For all of these reasons, I love the practice of it.

Though all photographers strive for the highlights––the most amazing moments of the most amazing places––I also like the unhighlights. We all want to be in those grand places at those perfect moments, but I also find joy and richness in the simpler things. I want to share those moments too. Once you find joy there, you find life is full of beauty.

The goal of this site is part gallery, part travel guide. I enjoy connecting over the places I've been blessed to set foot in as much as sharing the photos I took there. I'd love for others to find the joy of discovery that getting out of our own bubbles every now and again brings. It's lovely to not just know that there's a bigger world out there, but to see it and feel it.


Desert Wonderland
"Cripe is a photographer drawn to the iconic imagery of the desert but she finds a way to capture a certain feeling – that personal feeling you get when you take a few steps into the open spaces of the desert and a sense of the quiet drama of the Mojave seems like it’s yours for the moment.

The California Poppies are there, in the moment, for you. The Joshua Trees, silhouetted against the morning sun are part of your own story. There is a purpose to it all that stands just behind the words in your head. When you look at Cripe photos, you feel that the purpose is coming into focus."

– Excerpt from 'Desert Wonderland' show at Sagebrush Cafe

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