Ruby Beach

Nov 2019
Olympic National Park, WA

Day 4 of 10 - 2019 Pacific Northwest Road Trip - Forks to Long Beach

While it seemed little could follow the Hoh Rainforest in grandeur, Ruby Beach is a strong contender. Expansive, wild, and scenic, the larger stretch of the beach, being blocked off by an outlet rushing towards the sea, required a rushing water crossing to access. After some debate, we decided to make the literal jump. Just wider than our jump and just deeper than our boots, two of us wound up a bit soggy from the effort, but we, nonetheless, made it across. I felt a bit strange doing so, for we quickly left all the other beach visitors behind (not even one other daring to cross as us the likely fools did). Unfettered, we ran about on the larger portion of the beach alone us three, made more accessible by the low tide.

When it came time to return to the car, we spent a good deal of time looking for a better point to cross the outlet, but nothing proved better than where we had come. Once more we had to make the leap, which didn't turn out as bad as before (thankfully). We changed and headed out to our AirBnB for the night (where we spent most of our evening trying to dry out our clothes and shoes). On the way in to Long Beach, we also hit up the World's Largest Oyster (though it isn't a real oyster at all but simply artwork to mark South Bend's claim to the "Oyster Capital of the World"). Right next door we grabbed drinks from Elixir Coffee Shop. I loved the space, the people, and the little shop of local items and pottery.


Ruby Beach
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