Woodland Winter

Nov 2019
Lancaster, CA

Day After - 2019 Pacific Northwest Road Trip

Day 10 of our road trip yielded little in the way of photography. We visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium that morning, then rushed southeast trying to make it over the mountain passes before snowfall. Our dinner stop was spent discussing routes and watching the radar. As night set in, so did the clouds––low and heavy. It felt as though it could snow at any moment. There was a cold stillness; a silent tension in the dark landscape blurring by as we drove.

We made it home in the cold quiet of the night. Not a snow flurry to be seen. The storm had seemingly waited until we got in, to our relief. Thankful to have arrived, we appreciated the opportunity to finally rest. We woke to a winter wonderland Thanksgiving morning. The planned family gathering for the day? Cancelled––all passes were closed (even the southern pass, which would have been our way in had the northern, higher elevation passes closed). We truly arrived just in time.

It felt like an extension of the trip. We were home, but home looked so different in its white dressings. Not an incredibly rare sight, but not common, either, and we spent the day locally, taking in the beauty of the moment.