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Peace Arch State Park

Nov 2019
Blaine, WA

Day 1 of 10 - 2019 Pacific Northwest Road Trip - Seattle to almost Canada

We landed in Seattle a bit sleep deprived, got breakfast at a local cafe, and headed north. It was overcast (which for us southern Californians was a rare and lovely sight). The hills were shrouded in curls of mist. Everything was so green––the fields and farms, the forested hills. We took a detour through Chuckanut Drive, a winding route through trees with glances of the bay. We stopped for some coffee/tea, where the approach of the Christmas season was evident.

In time we found ourselves at the tip top of Washington. This stop, and the entire drive up, was beautiful. The drizzly sky. Views over calm waters. The green of grass, moss, and pines, paired with the reds and browns of late fall, all saturated from the light rain. Colors were vivid, the air so very fresh and damp––the tide of autumn was very present and alive, even as much began to go dormant for the oncoming winter. We meandered through the park, read up on previously-unknown history, and got the typical tourists shots of the arch and nearby totem poles. The time here felt similar to running down to a creek just to touch the water before returning to the trail; we ran north to dip our toes into Canada before doubling back and returning to Seattle. We stayed the night in our first AirBnB for the trip in Issaquah (super sweet with complimentary muffins, bottles of water, and even pillow mints).


Peace Arch State Park
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