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Myers Creek Beach Viewpoint

Nov 2019
Gold Beach, OR

Day 8 of 10 - 2019 Pacific Northwest Road Trip - Port Orford to Ferndale, CA

We were nearing the end of our trip. It was the last day in Oregon. We had 2 goals (aside from getting to our destination for the day) and that was 1) experience a Dutch Bros, 2) get one last walk on an Oregon beach.

As we neared the state border, we knew we were running out of opportunities to do both. As we cruised down the coast, we found this viewpoint right off the freeway. We had little time to spare for another stop, so this beach being right of the road meant more time to spend in nature instead of trying to get there! Considering its accessibility, it was surprisingly uncrowded. It was also amazingly beautiful; raw, pacific coast views as far as the eye could see.

We managed to grab Dutch Bros in Brookings, just before heading into California––so ended our Oregon chapter.


Myers Creek Beach Viewpoint
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