Into Darkness

Jan 2019
Lake Hughes, CA

I was sitting around at home when I got a text, "up for a hike?" It had just rained the day before; the air was bound to be amazing. The sky was still dreary and overcast. A cool, crisp hike in the rainy air sounded, frankly, amazing.

I had no idea where we were headed, but I couldn't have asked for anything more than what this little trail turned out to be. It was textures galore–a dark, damp, earthy world full of rich, autumn colors that meandered along and across a small creek. At the end of our winding canyon trail, the path rose to meet a campground, no doubt created in service of the Pacific Crest Trail a skip away. We continued on, hiking a grand series of switchbacks and nearly making it to the top before the light began to leave us. We made it just high enough to gaze out over and across the hills, down into the valley beyond and the far-off Tehachapi Mountains bordering the other side, before the fading light had us clambering back down the hillside. We ended up descending in the dark, which is why this experience was thus titled, "Into Darkness".

Shout out to Cortney Granger Photography of who I partnered up with on this adventure.

Into Darkness


Into Darkness
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