Columbia River Gorge

Nov 2019
Multnomah County, OR

Day 6 of 10 - 2019 Pacific Northwest Road Trip - Cascade Locks to South Beach

Our next stops for the day, before heading into Portland, where some of Oregon's most amazing waterfalls (I honestly didn't even realize how many of them there were until planning the night before and driving along the day of). That whole road besides the Columbia River is chock full of them, and they're all quite magnificent. We picked only two to stop at––Multnomah (which is probably the "crown jewel") and Latourell Falls. One of us convinced the others to hike the 2.4 mile trail to Upper Latourell Falls. Normally I wouldn't need convincing, but I was feeling pretty miserable (feverish, strong sore throat, running nose, etc), but I pushed through because in any other instance I'd be super excited to be out and able to photograph such a lovely area (and who knows when I'd be back).

Columbia River Gorge


Columbia River Gorge
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